Disleksi’de Kolay Okuma ve Öğrenme

Disleksi’de Kolay Okuma ve Öğrenme

Especially at the beginning of primary education, reading difficulty (dyslexia) may attract the attention of parents for the first time, as it manifests itself as an inability to read. Parents trying to understand what's going on in their child have a hard time in the first and second grades of primary school. At this stage, do not wear out neither your child nor yourself. In this case, the steps you need to do are to go to a child and adolescent psychiatrist, to make their referrals and to receive educational support at all times . Difficulty in reading is not a disease. It just means having a child who learns differently. The way for the child to be successful is opened by making the child realize his own learning language and by reinforcing it with repetitions. With the education I designed with Mind On Method (Reading-Based Learning Methodology), the child is more successful at school without losing self-confidence thanks to fluent reading and reading comprehension exercises. Every child has different reading skills. For some children, reading is not an easy cognitive activity. If your child does not like to read, spells incorrectly while reading, reads slowly, does not understand what he reads or cannot explain what he reads, educational content is prepared with materials specially designed for each child. Studies progress at the student's 'language of learning' and 'at the student's pace'. In Dyslexia Easy Reading and Learning training, letters, symbols, numbers and then reading texts are used. In the process of developing reading; There are many expansions such as increasing attention span, focusing, combining symbols such as letters, ordering, converting to sound, perception and comprehension. In education, there are also many fun games and activities that will improve children's reading skills.   Our work is planned individually for 1 hour, 2 days a week. Work continues with 10-hour package programs. Training can be done in our office or online.   Contact us for information and reading analysis.

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